Starting a new practice.

Dear patients,

We are a husband and wife medical team that met in medical school and completed our residency together. We really enjoyed working together, whether it was in the office, or rounding in the hospital. Not only did we enjoy this, our patients did too! So we took this recipe for success and opened a practice together!

The good news is that the new office space is about 70% complete. One of the major pieces – the exam table, is scheduled for delivery next week!

Unfortunately, insurance companies take several months to credential physicians. We will update the insurance page as we are accepted into the various insurance plans.

Other projects we are working on include Sara registering for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana course at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Hopefully by May 1 we will be able to provide certifications for PA MMJ. I will update the blog once our certification program is up and running!

We look forward to serving you at our new practice.

Thank you for your consideration, support, and patience,
Sara and Hussein

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